Always on my mind: A production-based course in EEG Acquisition & Analysis

Syllabus Cover

This course was designed for my optional course at the Psychology Department of Liverpool Hope University (UK). Students learn the basics of EEG/ERP (brainwave) theory and data analysis with a goal to ‘read the mind of the subject and be able to tell who they are thinking of’. In weeks 1/2, they learn theory that suggests how they can do this (oddball experiments, the P3) and present their understanding using video tools (their phones’ cameras). In weeks 3-5, they get hands-on training in the lab so that they can record their own brainwave data (they film this process). In weeks 6-8, they are taught basic analysis of EEG data (raw data inspection, filtering, epoching, averaging) as well as visualisation of their results in a way others can understand. Finally, they combine their portfolio of video fragments into a vlog-type video documentary that demonstrates research skills (data acquisition, analysis), professional skills (group processes, presentation), and understanding.

Videos premiered at the red carpet event of Liverpool Hope University Cannes of Brains (17/03/2018, 17/04/2018), featuring public showing of the individual video presentations, Q&A sessions with directors, and snacks! I created the video below by editing and ‘remixing’ the final products to give an overview of what the course is about.

Music by Pet Shop Boys (org. Elvis)


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