• Li Aotong (PhD candidate)
  • Xinyu Huang (PhD candidate)
  • Guo Ran (Master student)
  • Bao Yiting (Master student)

Join my lab!

Whether you are interested in cognitive psychology or artificial intelligence, consciousness or emotion, vision or touch, you are welcome to apply and join by contributing to one of our research projects! For example:

  • Neuroadaptive interaction: by predicting cognitive evaluation of AI-generated stimuli via neuroimaging, we aim to model the contents of consciousness. Keywords: perception, attention, memory, BCI, AI, EEG, fMRI.
  • Affective touch: social touch is known to be critically important for emotional development, and my research has shown the deep link between tactile feeling, and subjective feeling. We have a functioning virtual reality-based paradigm in which we aim to determine using neuroimaging how to best use multimodal interaction to effectively affectively communicate. Keywords: social neuroscience, haptics, EEG, fNIRS.